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strike security replacement workers

Travel Nurses

Modern Industrial Services, Inc. has nearly 20 years of experience in providing a professional workforce during labor disputes. We will provide our clients with the quality health care their patients expect. We are committed to providing the highest qualified patient care personnel available, nationwide. Modern Industrial Services, Inc. will provide registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, lab techs, physicians, and any other position to keep your facility running during a strike at your facilities, anywhere in North America.

We are the nation’s number one “Strike Re-Staffing” firm. Therefore we can meet all of your operating needs during a work stoppage. We not only provide you with extremely qualified medical staff, but we are also able to keep your kitchen running, operate your maintenance department, and provide additional staff, as needed. Our security team is highly professional, and knows how to keep any situation under control with the least amount of activity. All security officers are properly trained on how to deal with your customers, and all picket-line activity.

If a strike or lockout occurs, Modern Industrial Services, Inc. is prepared to deploy the healthcare professionals and security team necessary to keep your operation running like business as usual. Patient care is our number one goal.


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